Redcliffe Future Way

Starting Friday 1st May 2015 at 1pm and running indefinitely

Following the success of the Bristol Story Trail earlier in the year, welcome to Future Way brought to you by Dream of a Shadow, an online project bridging the gap between reality and fantasy through storytelling.

Working with The Redcliffe Neighbourhood Development Forum, Future Way seeks to engage the people of Redcliffe and the wider community of Bristol in the redevelopment of the area through a playful and exciting exploration of the Redcliffe using storytelling.

“The Redcliffe Neighbourhood Development Forum is a community group whose mission is to re-imagine and re-make Bristol’s Redcliffe Way.”

Redcliffe Forum

This is an amazing first-of-its-kind, art project collaborating with published authors, budding writers, artists, architects and community groups to challenge the way we view our city.

Stories have been selected through a month long competition. The winning entries are by four hugely talented local authors, covering an great variety of genres:

Don’t Look Back

by Angela Brooks



Redcliffe Mornings

by Grace Palmer



Redcliffe Requiem

by David J Rodger



Under the Surface

by Judy Darley


Stories are “tagged” to locations within Redcliffe forming a series of fictional trails to be followed through the physical city. These tags can be scanned via QR codes, and accessed via a password located on the tag, revealing a virtual fiction which immerses the reader between realities in a format used by the Bristol Story Trail.

150427 Story Trail Poster

So explore, play and enjoy as you discover a new magic to Redcliffe and unlock its hidden futures.

To find trail points, check out the Future Way Map.

Your experiences of the Redcliffe Future Way are crucial in making projects like this happen again, so please leave your feedback in the comments below, via Twitter or by emailing

What does your future Redcliffe hold?

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